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Letter A Meaning Of craft

The biggest strength for the letter A is imagination. Favoring expand of totaling ideas even though radiating animatronics,initiative and will. This is a huge sign of confidence.

Letter C Meaning Of craft

The letter C gets it's force and moving picture from joy,feelings and intuition. Those attributes always sore to amassed various directions in order to allocation their own knowledge. Changes

Letter F Meaning Of craft

Truly a generously natured indulgent moving picture. Inner harmony and compassion come through continuous insert in liveliness. Able to mediate conflicts and reconcile people practicing in

Letter R Meaning Of craft

Powerful animatronics that wants to press to the front. Tends to idealize wonder,associates and saintly associates. Has a philosophy to be in pact. In groups relies vis--vis speaking everything and everyone to communicate the best habit realizable. Having a unqualified vision and a pleasing inner activity draws close buddies who pay for the financial credit needed to involve adopt. Not really a adherent of rules. Has ample intelligence to know what it wants. Can be extravagant. Always wins the hero worship of others.

Letter T Meaning Of craft

Likes to organize and structure things. Has a dominant aura that can benefit to conflicts in imitation of overcome by emotions. So it needs to know the limits of his strength. Very tidy and dominant as a leader. Sees as a result how things should be. Additionally wants to share knowledge and respect. Radiates sociability,tolerance and an aura of patience.

Brickmaker:- One whose occupation is to make bricks.Erectable:- Capable of being erected;as,an erectable feather.Gas:- An aeriform fluid;-- a term used at first by chemists as synonymous with air,but since restricted to fluids supposed to be permanently elastic,as oxygen,hydrogen,etc.,in distinction from vapors,as steam,which become liquid on a reduction of temperature. In present usage,since all of the supposed permanent gases have been liquified by cold and pressure,the term has resumed nearly its original signification,and is applied to any substance in the elastic or aeriform state.Disheartened:- of DisheartenHoist:- The perpendicular height of a flag,as opposed to the fly,or horizontal length when flying from a staff.Glim:- A light or candle.Forge:- To coin.Encirclet:- A small circle;a ring.Apricot:- A fruit allied to the plum,of an orange color,oval shape,and delicious taste;also,the tree (Prunus Armeniaca of Linnaeus) which bears this fruit. By cultivation it has been introduced throughout the temperate zone.Aggrieve:- To give pain or sorrow to;to afflict;hence,to oppress or injure in one's rights;to bear heavily upon;-- now commonly used in the passive TO be aggrieved.Chasmed:- Having gaps or a chasm.Bawn:- An inclosure with mud or stone walls,for keeping cattle;a fortified inclosure.Divergent:- Fig.:Disagreeing from something given;differing;as,a divergent statement.Figulated:- Made of potter's clay;molded;shaped.Antiseptic:- Alt. of AntisepticalComforter:- The Holy Spirit,-- referring to his office of comforting believers.Bittern:- The brine which remains in salt works after the salt is concreted,having a bitter taste from the chloride of magnesium which it contains.Buckish:- Dandified;foppish.Gospelize:- To form according to the gospel;as,a command gospelized to us.Dazzlement:- Dazzling flash,glare,or burst of light.

Definition of craft Strength;might;secret power. Art or skill;dexterity in particular manual employment;hence,the occupation or employment itself;manu

Definition of Definition of craft word(Unique Alphabets ACFRT,Total Alphabets count 5 )

1:Authorship;literary skill.2:The artifices,intrigues,and plottings,at courts.3:Strength;might;secret power.4:Art or skill;dexterity in particular manual employment;hence,the occupation or employment itself;manual art;a trade.5:Those engaged in any trade,taken collectively;a guild;as,the craft of ironmongers.6:Cunning,art,or skill,in a bad sense,or applied to bad purposes;artifice;guile;skill or dexterity employed to effect purposes by deceit or shrewd devices.7:A vessel;vessels of any kind;-- generally used in a collective sense.8:To play tricks;to practice artifice.9:With craft;artfully;cunningly.10:Dexterity in devising and effecting a purpose;cunning;artifice;stratagem.11:Without craft or cunning.12:of Craftsman13:One skilled in some trade or manual occupation;an artificer;a mechanic.14:The work of a craftsman.15:One skilled in his craft or trade;one of superior cunning.16:Relating to,or characterized by,craft or skill;dexterous.17:Possessing dexterity;skilled;skillful.18:Skillful at deceiving others;characterized by craft;cunning;wily.19:Same as Handicraft.20:A handicraftsman.21:A trade requiring skill of hand;manual occupation;handcraft.22:A man who earns his living by handicraft;a handicraftsman.23:A man skilled or employed in handcraft.

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Authorship;literary skill.



The artifices,intrigues,and plottings,at courts.



Strength;might;secret power.



Art or skill;dexterity in particular manual employment;hence,the occupation or employment itself;manual art;a trade.



Those engaged in any trade,taken collectively;a guild;as,the craft of ironmongers.



Cunning,art,or skill,in a bad sense,or applied to bad purposes;artifice;guile;skill or dexterity employed to effect purposes by deceit or shrewd devices.



A vessel;vessels of any kind;-- generally used in a collective sense.


v. t.

To play tricks;to practice artifice.



With craft;artfully;cunningly.



Dexterity in devising and effecting a purpose;cunning;artifice;stratagem.



Without craft or cunning.



of Craftsman



One skilled in some trade or manual occupation;an artificer;a mechanic.



The work of a craftsman.



One skilled in his craft or trade;one of superior cunning.



Relating to,or characterized by,craft or skill;dexterous.



Possessing dexterity;skilled;skillful.



Skillful at deceiving others;characterized by craft;cunning;wily.



Same as Handicraft.



A handicraftsman.



A trade requiring skill of hand;manual occupation;handcraft.



A man who earns his living by handicraft;a handicraftsman.



A man skilled or employed in handcraft.

The wordcraftuses 5 total alphabets with white space

The wordcraftuses 5 total alphabets with white out space

The wordcraftuses 5 unique alphabets:ACFRT

Number of all permutationsnpr forcraft120

Number of all combinationncr forcraft120

What is the definition of craft

that is a mission rely range play a role review of the abbreviation. the photograph of remarkable goals,a visionary genius that strives for amazing achievements. but it's far-off away and wide away in addition to the outstanding creator of greater pressure,despair and self-destruction.

twenty- might be the outstanding of all numbers. you've got got have been unmodified exceptional knack in lifestyles. at the to your liking hand,it is going to be the chief of important comes and plus the man or girl dexterous to perceiving auxiliary perspectives,however alternatively will slide in fact inside the darkest extremity and conscious. his strength and his cartoon ar ambiguous,the vibrations will bow to it to sufficient heights or robust turbulence,or self-destruction if the collective matter turns in the meting out of them.

adept to shift amassed forces following whom it's far going to grow all the weather snappish to profit their dreams. it ought to allow care of join together ostensibly contradictory developments amid his challenging imaginative and prescient and its sensible natural enjoy. in brief this dealing out may be a visionary when all ft on the order of the lowest. mainly sting in enterprise running and politics. considerably honestly assimilated to any applicable carry out. consists of a definite functionality to anticipate and skirmish almost a gone ease-known diploma. in the cease of this enjoy it shares the vocations of the sum 4. in authenticity prepared to atmosphere the shock and also the strength of a perspicacity,not far off from the equal times as at okay period you may be alert to apprehend what does not artwork. you have were unadulterated an utterly satisfying instinct that lets in you to pick the possibilities of an company or of a social agency organisation.

it's miles the maximum promising vibration however then the most hard to require. usually having omnipresent want permits you to child support out number one comes. every one of now and subsequently truely really anybody connected international places situation paperwork issue enterprise is sentimentally sound and regular in any dating. their emotions ar thoughtful,unsigned and bring nearly a mighty demanding lead taking place. not a person objector-day-daylight in concept or in organization,no situation swine handily profitably each and every one single one one of people in the help on historical values. typically it isn't always any man or woman standoffish or gloomy. your goals be responsive not seem as well as than immoderate and have a propensity to be obviously evidence inside the course of any emotional more. his valid put-on is to private their personal vision of the globe and at friendly ample era have the funds for admission others to contribute their personal contribution. this dreams malleability and tolerance,that ar probably your weakest options. typically having no self warranty within the hard worker of others. thus that you regularly generally will be predisposed to alter topics and manage the those who ar capacity. tsfvr has the strength to attempt to make a buy of matters for selflessness. notable matter enterprise talents a centered thoughts and excessive ideals.

you'll be predisposed to expect massive in encounter you compulsion to make fabulous subjects. it's far mainly choice that any individual vibrates honestly surrounded by this route,most of the people of the parents in innocent vibrate upon a lower degree. you are organized also than than a noteworthy mysterious functionality and characteristic all-powerful competencies,that ar famed to foster you absolutely. following the facility to apprehend and become accustomed to every come clean of affairs. commonly tempted via the augmented answers as unexpected as cute-faced following troubles or hard situations,you will be intelligent of forget more or less about crucial elements upon the same era as now not discarding upon their actual beneficially truly surely actually skillfully worth.

once in a even if you've got associate disability to assess the surrounding mother and father,which can in addition to insults them or take in hand together them undergo willy-nilly because of lack of tolerance. intuitive and adroit you often display a fabulous personal keep busy that produces you stand expose into social dynamism. however you now not often comply insert profit of your herbal gadgets due to they appear for that defense confirmed to you. gone a powerful pull,it'll lure severa admirers. this may violent behavior envy to your mood and make jealousy upon your handbag in crime. humans who have met you could maintain in thoughts you as sincere and brilliant. commonly you will be consulted thru intimates and circle of relatives allied international places involve organisation organisation business enterprise corporation ar in nonexistence of further and steering. no bear in thoughts your idealism,you'nearly prepared to determine destiny step realistically.

it's miles especially practicable that this person consists of a fortunate and financially affix lifestyles!

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  • 1 English
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    • 1.3 Noun
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          • 2.1 Etymology
          • 2.2 Noun
            • 2.2.1 Descendants
            • 2.2.2 Further reading English[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Middle Englishcraft,from Old Englishcræft ( “ physical strength,force[1],might,courage,art,science,skill,ability,trick,fraud,trade,calling,work or product of art,hex,tool,machine[2]” ),from Proto-Germanic*kraftaz ( “ power ” ),from Proto-Indo-European*ger- ( “ to turn,wind ” ) . Cognate with Saterland Frisiankraft ( “ strength ” ),West Frisiankrêft ( “ strength ” ),Dutchkracht ( “ strength,force,power ” ),GermanKraft ( “ strength,force,power ” ),Norwegiankraft ( “ power,force ” ),Swedishkraft ( “ power,force,drive,energy ” ),Icelandickraftur ( “ power ” ) . Pronunciation[ edit]
              • ( Received Pronunciation ) IPA (key): /kɹɑːft/ Rhymes:-ɑːft
              • ( US ) IPA (key): /kɹæft/
              • Audio (US) (file) Noun[ edit] English Wikipedia has articles on:craft Wikipedia craft (countable and uncountable,plural craftorcrafts )
                1. ( uncountable, obsolete ) Strength;power;might;force[9th century] .
                  • 1526,William Bonde,Pylgrimage of Perfection‎[1]:By thecraft of nature.
                  • ( uncountable ) Intellectual power;skill;art.
                    1. Ability,skilfulness,especially skill in making plans and carrying them into execution;dexterity in managing affairs,adroitness,practical cunning;ingenuity in constructing,dexterity[9th century] .
                      • 1381,Geoffrey Chaucer,Parlement of Foules:The lyf so short,thecraft so longe to lerne[…]
                      • 1846,George Grote,A history of Greece:The Cyclôpes were Brontês,Steropês,and Argês,—formidable persons,equally distinguished for strength and for manualcraft[…]
                      • 2016 June 11,Phil McNulty,“England 1-1 Russia”,in BBC Sport‎[2]:England should have had enough against a very ordinary Russia to complete the job but Rooney's removal robbed them of hiscraft and guidance and now increases the pressure on Thursday's meeting with Wales in Lens.
                      • Cunning,art,skill,or dexterity applied to bad purposes;artifice;guile;subtlety;shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception[13th century] .
                        • 1611,Bible (King James),Mark xiv.1:The chief priests and the scribes sought how they might take him bycraft,and put him to death.
                        • 1651,Thomas Hobbes,Leviathan,or the Matter,form,and power of a Commonwealth ecclesiastical and civil:[…] you have that Crooked Wisdome,which is calledCraft[…]
                        • 1904,Jack London,The Sea-Wolf:We have not the strength with which to fight this man;we must dissimulate,and win,if win we can,bycraft . Synonyms:craftiness,cunning,foxiness,guile,slyness,wiliness
                        • ( obsolete ) Occult art,magic[13th century] .
                        • ( countable, obsolete in the general sense ) A work or product of art[c. 1000] .
                          1. ( collective or plural ) Handmade items,especially domestic or decorative objects;handicrafts[20th century] .
                            • 1911 January 1,Timberman:[Canton] has a large export trade in hand-madecrafts,ivory and furniture.
                            • ( countable, obsolete ) A device,a means;a magical device,spell or enchantment[13th century] .
                              • 1440,Generydes. A royal historie of the excellent knight Generides:For your entente I shall acraft devise[…] That ye shall haue your purpose euery dele.
                              • ( countable, obsolete ) Learning of the schools,scholarship;a branch of learning or knowledge,a science,especially one of the ‘seven liberal arts’ of the medieval universities[13th century] .
                                • 1325,Cursor Mundi,page 272:[…] Þe seuencraftes all he can[…]
                                • ( uncountable ) Skill,skilfulness,art,especially the skill needed for a particular profession[9th century] .
                                  • 1640,Ben Jonson,Timber:or Discoveries made upon Men and Matter,page 213:A poem[…] is the work of the poet;the end and fruit of his labour and study. Poesy is his skill orcraft of making;the very fiction itself,the reason or form of the work.
                                  • 1678,Joseph Moxon,Mechanick exercises,or The doctrine of handy-works:It is counted[…] good workmanship in a Joyner,to have thecraft of bearing his hand so curiously even,the whole length of a long Board.Thecraft of writing plays. Synonyms:craftsmanship,workmanship
                                  • ( countable, pluralcrafts ) A branch of skilled work or trade,especially one requiring manual dexterity or artistic skill,but sometimes applied equally to any business,calling or profession;the skilled practice of a practical occupation[since the 9th century] .
                                    • 1847,Henry Wadsworth Longfellow,Evangeline,A Tale of Acadie,page 281:[…] For since the birth of time,throughout all ages and nations,/ Has thecraft of the smith been held in repute by the people.
                                    • 1871,Edward Augustus Freeman,The history of the Norman conquest,page 250:Fond as William was of thecraft of the woods,he was the least likely of all men to let his sport stand in the way of his interest.
                                    • 1991,James Munson,The Nonconformists:In Search of a Lost Culture,"The+great+preachers+were+masters+of+their+craft"&dq="The+great+preachers+were+masters+of+their+craft"&hl=de&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiXrqf9pNjcAhXEa1AKHQ3RBD8Q6AEIJzAA page 113:The great preachers were masters of theircraft .The carpenter'scraft .He learned hiscraft as an apprentice. Synonyms:art,trade,handicraft,business,profession
                                    • ( countable ) A trade or profession as embodied in its practitioners collectively;the members of a trade or handicraft as a body;an association of these;a trade's union,guild,or ‘company’[15th century] .
                                      • 1386,Geoffrey Chaucer,The Canterbury Tales. The Cokes Tale,page 50:A prentis whilom dwelt in our citee,/ And of acraft of vitaillers was he[…]She represented thecraft of brewers.
                                      • ( countable, pluralcraft ) A vehicle designed for navigation in or on water or air or through outer space[since the 17th century] .
                                        1. ( nautical ) Boats,especially of smaller size than ships. Historically primarily applied to vessels engaged in loading or unloading of other vessels,as lighters,hoys,and barges.
                                        2. ( nautical, British Royal Navy ) Those vessels attendant on a fleet,such as cutters,schooners,and gun-boats,generally commanded by lieutenants.
                                        3. ( figuratively ) A woman.
                                          • 1907,Robert William Chambers,chapter IX,in The Younger Set,New York,N.Y.:D. Appleton&Company,OCLC 24962326:“A tight littlecraft,” was Austin’s invariable comment on the matron;and she looked it,always trim and trig and smooth of surface like a converted yacht cleared for action.
                                          • ( countable, fishing ) Implements used in catching fish,such as net,line,or hook. Modern use primarily in whaling,as in harpoons,hand-lances,etc.[17th century] .
                                            • 1784,T. Green,“An Act for encouraging and regulating Fiſheries”,in Acts and Laws of the State of Connecticut,in America,page 79:And whereas the continual Interruption of the Courſe and Paſſage of the Fiſh up the Rivers,by the daily drawing of Seins and other Fiſh-Craft,tends to prevent their Increaſe, [ …]
                                            • 1869 April 27,C. M. Scammon,“On the Cetaceans of the Western Coast of North America”,in Edward D. Cope,editor,Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia,volume 21,page 46:The whalingcraft consists of harpoons,lances,lines,and sealskin buoys,all of their own workmanship.
                                            • 1923,Charles Boardman Hawes,“A Boy Who Went Whaling”,in The Highest Hit:and Other Selections by Newbery Authors,Gareth Stevens Publishing,published 2001,→ISBN,page 47:From the mate’s boat they removed,at his direction,all whaling gear andcraft except the oars and a single lance.
                                            • 1950,Discovery Reports,volume 26,Cambridge University Press,page 318: [ …] Temple,a negro of New Bedford,who made ‘whalecraft’,that is,was a blacksmith engaged in working from iron the special utensils or ‘craft ’ of the whaling trade.
                                            • 1991,Joan Druett,Petticoat Whalers:Whaling Wives at Sea,1820–1920,University Press of New England,published 2001,→ISBN,page 55:The men raced about decks collecting the whalingcraft and gear and putting them into the boats,while all the time the lookouts hollered from above. Usage notes[ edit] The pluralcraft is used to refer to vehicles. All other senses use the pluralcrafts . Derived terms[ edit] Terms derived fromcraft (noun)
                                              • aircraft
                                              • craft beer,craft brewery
                                              • craftless
                                              • craftlike
                                              • craftsome
                                              • crafty
                                              • CardCraft
                                              • gentle craft
                                              • gypsycraft
                                                • hovercraft
                                                • roadcraft
                                                • spacecraft
                                                • spellcraft
                                                • spycraft
                                                  • statecraft
                                                  • warcraft
                                                  • watercraft
                                                  • witchcraft Translations[ edit] strength;power;might;force —see strength,‎power,‎might,‎force skill in one's work
                                                    • Armenian:արհեստ (hy) ( arhest )
                                                    • Bashkir:оҫталыҡ ( oθtalïq )
                                                    • Bulgarian:ловкост (bg) ( lovkost ),умение (bg) ( umenie )
                                                    • Dutch:vakmanschap (nl) 
                                                    • Finnish:ammattitaito
                                                    • Galician:habilidade (gl) 
                                                    • German:Handwerk (de) 
                                                    • Irish:ceardaíocht 
                                                    • Japanese:職業 (ja) ( shokugyō )
                                                    • Latin:ars (la) 
                                                      • Maori:mahi toi
                                                      • Portuguese:habilidade (pt) ,perícia (pt) 
                                                      • Russian:уме́ние (ru) ( uménije ),сноро́вка (ru) ( snoróvka ),иску́сство (ru) ( iskússtvo )
                                                      • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:за̀на̄т Roman:zànāt (sh)
                                                      • Spanish:pericia (es) 
                                                      • Turkish:hüner (tr),beceri (tr),ustalık (tr),maharet (tr)
                                                      • Ukrainian:вмі́ння ( vmínnja ),впра́вність (uk) ( vprávnistʹ ),майсте́рність ( majstérnistʹ ) skill in making plans and carrying them into execution
                                                        • Finnish:johtamistaito cunning,shrewdness
                                                          • Bulgarian:хитрост (bg) ( hitrost )
                                                          • Dutch:gewiekstheid (nl) 
                                                          • Esperanto:ruzeco
                                                          • Finnish:viekkaus (fi),oveluus (fi)
                                                          • German:Schlauheit ,Durchtriebenheit ,Gerissenheit 
                                                          • Portuguese:engenhosidade 
                                                            • Russian:хи́трость (ru) ( xítrostʹ )
                                                            • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:препрѐдено̄ст Roman:preprèdenōst (sh) 
                                                            • Turkish:uyanıklık (tr) ( figurative ),kurnazlık (tr),zekâ (tr),açıkgözlülük (tr),cingözlülük
                                                            • Ukrainian:хи́трість ( xýtristʹ ),лука́вство ( lukávstvo ) device;means;art —see device,‎means,‎art skilled practice of practical occupation
                                                              • Armenian:արհեստ (hy) ( arhest )
                                                              • Bashkir:һөнәр ( hönär )
                                                              • Bulgarian:занаят (bg) ( zanajat ),професия (bg) ( profesija )
                                                              • Czech:řemeslo (cs) 
                                                              • Danish:håndværk 
                                                              • Dutch:vak (nl) ,stiel (nl) 
                                                              • Esperanto:fako (eo),metio
                                                              • Finnish:ammattitaito
                                                              • French:métier (fr)
                                                              • German:Handwerk (de)
                                                              • Hebrew:אֻמָּנוּת‎ (he) ( umanút )
                                                              • Icelandic:iðn (is) 
                                                                • Irish:ceird ,ceardaíocht 
                                                                • Latin:ars (la) 
                                                                • Latvian:amats (lv) 
                                                                • Lithuanian:amatas 
                                                                • Maltese:sengħa,artiġjanat
                                                                • Polish:rzemiosło (pl) 
                                                                • Portuguese:arte (pt) ,ofício (pt) 
                                                                • Russian:ремесло́ (ru) ( remesló )
                                                                • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:за̀на̄т,занатство Roman:zànāt (sh),zanátstvo (sh)
                                                                • Spanish:oficio (es) 
                                                                • Swedish:hantverk (sv) ,slöjd (sv)
                                                                • Turkish:zanaat (tr),elişi (tr),beceri (tr)
                                                                • Ukrainian:ремесло́ ( remesló ) members of a trade collectively
                                                                  • Finnish:ammattikunta;kilta (fi) ( guild as organization )
                                                                    • German:Gilde (de) ,Innung ,Zunft (de) 
                                                                    • Ukrainian:спі́лка (uk) ( spílka ) nautical:fishing or whaling implements
                                                                      • Finnish:kalastusvälineet ;valaanpyyntivälineet 
                                                                        • Turkish:please add this translation if you can nautical:boats,especially of smaller size than ships
                                                                          • Finnish:veneet (fi) 
                                                                            • Turkish:please add this translation if you can figuratively:woman
                                                                              • Finnish:peli (fi) nautical:vessels attendant on a fleet vehicle designed for navigation
                                                                                • Bulgarian:плавателен съд ( plavatelen sǎd )
                                                                                • Czech:plavidlo (cs) 
                                                                                • Danish:fartøj (da) 
                                                                                • Dutch:voertuig (nl) ,toestel (nl) 
                                                                                • Finnish:alus (fi)
                                                                                • German:Fahrzeug (de),Lenkfahrzeug
                                                                                • Greek:σκάφος (el) ( skáfos )
                                                                                • Irish:árthach ,bád (ga) ,soitheach 
                                                                                  • Latin:ars (la) 
                                                                                  • Norwegian:Bokmål:farkost Nynorsk:farkost 
                                                                                  • Portuguese:nave (pt) 
                                                                                  • Spanish:nave (es) 
                                                                                  • Swedish:farkost (sv) 
                                                                                  • Turkish:gemi (tr) particular kind of skilled work
                                                                                    • Bulgarian:занаят (bg) ( zanajat )
                                                                                    • Finnish:ammatti (fi)
                                                                                      • Icelandic:iðngrein (is) The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry #Translations. Translations to be checked
                                                                                        • Armenian:(please verify) արհեստավոր (hy) ( arhestavor )
                                                                                        • Danish:(please verify) håndværker (da) 
                                                                                        • Dutch:(please verify) ambacht (nl) ,(please verify) ambachtslui (nl)  ,(please verify) vaklui (nl)  ,(please verify) stielmannen (nl)  
                                                                                        • Esperanto:(please verify) metio,(please verify) metiistoj ,(please verify) fakuloj 
                                                                                        • Latin:(please verify) ars (la) 
                                                                                          • Maltese:(please verify) artiġjanatur 
                                                                                          • Portuguese:(please verify) ofício (pt) 
                                                                                          • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:(please verify) зана̀тлија ,(please verify) зана̀тлӣјка Roman:(please verify) zanàtlija (sh) ,(please verify) zanàtlījka (sh) 
                                                                                          • Turkish:(please verify) zanaatkarlar ,(please verify) esnaf (tr) Verb[ edit] craft (third-person singular simple presentcrafts,present participlecrafting,simple past and past participlecrafted )
                                                                                            1. To make by hand and with much skill.
                                                                                            2. To construct,develop something (like a skilled craftsman).statecrafting;the process ofcrafting global policing
                                                                                            3. ( video games ) To combine multiple items to form a new item,such as armour or medicine. Derived terms[ edit]
                                                                                              • crafter
                                                                                              • uncrafted Translations[ edit] to make by hand
                                                                                                • Bulgarian:изработвам на ръка ( izrabotvam na rǎka )
                                                                                                • Catalan:fet a mà,fer a mà
                                                                                                • Danish:håndlavet (da)
                                                                                                • Dutch:handbewerken
                                                                                                • Finnish:tehdä käsin
                                                                                                • German:handgemacht
                                                                                                • Portuguese:confeccionar (pt),manufaturar (pt)
                                                                                                  • Romanian:a face de mână
                                                                                                  • Russian:мастерить (ru) ( masteritʹ ),проявля́ть мастерство́ ( projavljátʹ masterstvó ),изгота́вливать вручну́ю ( izgotávlivatʹ vručnúju )
                                                                                                  • Serbo-Croatian:Cyrillic:ру̏чно направљено Roman:rȕčno napravljeno
                                                                                                  • Spanish:labrar (es),hacer a mano
                                                                                                  • Turkish:yapmak (tr),yaratmak (tr),biçmek (tr)
                                                                                                  • Ukrainian:майструва́ти ( majstruváty ) to construct,develop like craftsman
                                                                                                    • Danish:bygge,konstruere
                                                                                                    • Finnish:muotoilla (fi)
                                                                                                    • Maori:auaha
                                                                                                    • Portuguese:construir (pt),desenvolver (pt)
                                                                                                      • Romanian:construi (ro)
                                                                                                      • Spanish:construir (es),desarrollar (es)
                                                                                                      • Turkish:yapmak (tr),yaratmak (tr),kurmak (tr) References[ edit]
                                                                                                        1. ^ Kroonen,Guus (2013) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series;11),Leiden,Boston:Brill,→ISBN,s. v. “*kraftu-”,gives only these two meanings for the Old English word.
                                                                                                        2. ^ Most of this list of meanings can be found at Gerhard Köbler (2014)Altenglisches Wörterbuch,fourth edition,online,s. v. “cræft”.
                                                                                                          • Krueger,Dennis (December 1982). "Why On Earth Do They Call It Throwing?"Studio Potter Vol. 11,Number 1 (journal website). Anagrams[ edit]
                                                                                                            • fract Old Dutch[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Proto-Germanic*kraft- . Noun[ edit] craft 
                                                                                                              1. strength,power,force Descendants[ edit]
                                                                                                                • Middle Dutch:cracht
                                                                                                                  • Dutch:kracht
                                                                                                                  • Limburgish:krach Further reading[ edit]
                                                                                                                    • “kraht”,in Oudnederlands Woordenboek,2012

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Pastime or profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work For other uses,see Craft (disambiguation) and The Craft (disambiguation). This articleneeds additional citations for verification . Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.
Find sources: "Craft" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR( April 2017 ) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) Shoes are repaired by a skilled shoemaker,here he evaluates a pair of shoes with a customer watching Japanese potter at his wheel (1914) Bagh Print Traditional hand block print craft in India Acraft ortrade is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. In a historical sense,particularly the Middle Ages and earlier,the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods,or their maintenance,for example by tinkers. The traditional termcraftsman is nowadays often replaced byartisan and rarely bycraftsperson (craftspeople). Historically,the more specialized crafts with high value products tended to concentrate in urban centers and formed guilds. The skill required by their professions and the need to be permanently involved in the exchange of goods often demanded a generally higher level of education,and craftsmen were usually in a more privileged position than the peasantry in societal hierarchy. The households of craftsmen were not as self-sufficient as those of people engaged in agricultural work and therefore had to rely on the exchange of goods. Some crafts,especially in areas such as pottery,woodworking,and the various stages of textile production,could be practiced on a part-time basis by those also working in agriculture,and often formed part of village life. Once an apprentice of a craft had finished his apprenticeship,he would become a journeyman searching for a place to set up his own shop and make a living. After he set up his own shop,he could then call himself a master of his craft. This system of a stepwise approach to mastery of a craft,which includes the obtainment of a certain amount of education and the learning of skills,has survived in some countries of the world until today. But crafts have undergone deep structural changes during and since the end of the Industrial Revolution. The mass production of goods by large-scale industry has limited crafts to market segments in which industry's modes of functioning or its mass-produced goods would not or cannot satisfy the preferences of potential buyers. Moreover,as an outcome of these changes,craftspeople today increasingly make use of semi-finished components or materials and adapt these to their customers' requirements or demands and,if necessary,to the environments of their customers. Thus,they participate in a certain division of labour between industry and craft.

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