All letters of celli explained. Each letter has their own meaning.

Letter C Meaning Of celli

The letter C gets it's force and moving picture from joy,feelings and intuition. Those attributes always sore to amassed various directions in order to allocation their own knowledge. Changes

Letter E Meaning Of celli

Radiates joy,omnipotent humor and loud intuition. Seeks primarily within gain. Feels no examine attracted by spiritual experiences rather than material things. Strives towards a enthusiasm that is

Letter I Meaning Of celli

Shows a big have emotional impact for humanities welfare. Feels no throbbing for facility in general. Simultaneously is practiced to ill-treat accessory experiences in order to accumulate more

Letter L Meaning Of celli

Shows brawl,creativity and dedication in completely what it does. Potential sign of wisdom. Lives according to the principles of honesty and generosity. Unique expertise for

Eristalis:- A genus of dipterous insects whose young (called rat-tailed larvae) are remarkable for their long tapering tail,which spiracles at the tip,and for their ability to live in very impure and salt waters;-- also called drone fly.Equipoise:- Counterpoise.Cantor:- A singer;esp. the leader of a church choir;a precentor.Contrivement:- Contrivance;invention;arrangement;design;plan.Afreet:- A powerful evil jinnee,demon,or monstrous giant.Acrocephalic:- Characterized by a high skull.Bowknot:- A knot in which a portion of the string is drawn through in the form of a loop or bow,so as to be readily untied.Hindi:- The name given by Europeans to that form of the Hindustani language which is chiefly spoken by native Hindoos. In employs the Devanagari character,in which Sanskrit is written.Attract:- Attraction.Gut:- To plunder of contents;to destroy or remove the interior or contents of;as,a mob gutted the bouse.Chase:- An open hunting ground to which game resorts,and which is private properly,thus differing from a forest,which is not private property,and from a park,which is inclosed. Sometimes written chace.Filamentary:- Having the character of,or formed by,a filament.Doquet:- A warrant. See Docket.Electro-chemical:- Of or pertaining to electro-chemistry.Hine:- A servant;a farm laborer;a peasant;a hind.Benevolence:- The disposition to do good;good will;charitableness;love of mankind,accompanied with a desire to promote their happiness.Gilt:- Gilded;covered with gold;of the color of gold;golden yellow.Blanch:- To bleach by excluding the light,as the stalks or leaves of plants,by earthing them up or tying them together.Hinderance:- Same as Hindrance.Heady:- Apt to affect the head;intoxicating;strong.

Definition of celli of Cello Wolfram,an ore of tungsten. The tenth avatar or incarnation of the god Vishnu. A divine vocation or summons. A note blown on the h

Definition of Definition of celli word(Unique Alphabets CEIL,Total Alphabets count 5 )

1:of Cancel2:An interwoven or latticed wall or inclosure;latticework,rails,or crossbars,as around the bar of a court of justice,between the chancel and the nave of a church,or in a window.3:The interlacing osseous plates constituting the elastic porous tissue of certain parts of the bones,esp. in their articular extremities.4:of Excel5:Bearing or producing cells.6:of Cello7:The name which St. Francis of Assisi gave to his followers,early in the 13th century.8:A sect which seceded from the Franciscan Order,chiefly in Italy and Sicily,in 1294,repudiating the pope as an apostate,maintaining the duty of celibacy and poverty,and discountenancing oaths. Called also Fratricellians and Fraticelli.

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of Cancel


v. t.

An interwoven or latticed wall or inclosure;latticework,rails,or crossbars,as around the bar of a court of justice,between the chancel and the nave of a church,or in a window.


v. t.

The interlacing osseous plates constituting the elastic porous tissue of certain parts of the bones,esp. in their articular extremities.


p. pr.&vb. n.

of Excel



Bearing or producing cells.



of Cello


n. pl.

The name which St. Francis of Assisi gave to his followers,early in the 13th century.


n. pl.

A sect which seceded from the Franciscan Order,chiefly in Italy and Sicily,in 1294,repudiating the pope as an apostate,maintaining the duty of celibacy and poverty,and discountenancing oaths. Called also Fratricellians and Fraticelli.

The wordcelliuses 5 total alphabets with white space

The wordcelliuses 5 total alphabets with white out space

The wordcelliuses 4 unique alphabets:CEIL

Number of all permutationsnpr forcelli24

Number of all combinationncr forcelli24

What is the definition of celli

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See also:Celliand'celli Contents

  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Noun
    • 2 Latvian
      • 2.1 Noun
      • 3 Welsh
        • 3.1 Etymology
        • 3.2 Pronunciation
        • 3.3 Noun
        • 3.4 Mutation
        • 3.5 References English[ edit] Noun[ edit] celli
          1. ( rare ) plural ofcello
            • 1968,Donald N. Ferguson,Masterworks of the Orchestral Repertoire:A Guide for Listeners‎[1],page 349:Now,against the Beethoven rhythm and the antiphonal outcry (E),the 'celli intone a spacious and somber melody whose beginning is shown at F.
            • 1971,Richard Korn,Orchestral accents‎[2],page 119:The dynamics of thecelli have to be extended to the basses,for it would not make sense to have the basses operating under their last dynamics mark,of the previous bar,which is ppp.
            • 1988,Elliott W. Galkin,A history of orchestral conducting:in theory and practice‎[3],page 38:The balance of strings in these two orchestras emphasized the lowesttessitura;Charles Burney criticized the Italians for having more double basses thancelli and for playing the instrument "... so coarsely that it produced a sound no more musical than the stroke of a hammer." Latvian[ edit] Noun[ edit] celli 
              1. accusative singular form of celle
              2. instrumental singular form of celle Welsh[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Proto-Celtic*kallī . Pronunciation[ edit]
                • ( North Wales ) IPA (key): /ˈkɛɬɪ/
                • ( South Wales ) IPA (key): /ˈkɛɬi/ Noun[ edit] celli (pluralcellïauorcellïoedd )
                  1. grove,copse,woodland,hazel grove Mutation[ edit] Welsh mutation radical soft nasal aspiratecelli gelli nghelli chelliNote:Some of these forms may be hypothetical. Not every
                    possible mutated form of every word actually occurs. References[ edit]
                    • R. J. Thomas,G. A. Bevan,P. J. Donovan,A. Hawke et al.,editors (1950-), “celli”,in Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru Online (in Welsh),University of Wales Centre for Advanced Welsh&Celtic Studies
                    • Matasović,Ranko (2009) Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic (Leiden Indo-European Etymological Dictionary Series;9),Leiden:Brill,→ISBN

Wikipedia Result

Celli is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Angelo Celli (1857-1914),Italian physician
  • Antonio Celli (1595–1645),Italian Roman Catholic bishop
  • Camus Celli,American songwriter,record producer and entrepreneur
  • Claudio Maria Celli (born 1941),Italian Roman Catholic archbishop
  • Enzo Celli (born 1972),Italian contemporary dancer and choreographer
  • Giorgio Celli (1935–2011),Italian politician
  • Gregorio Celli (1225–1343),Italian Roman Catholic priest
  • Joseph Celli (born 1944),American musician and composer
  • Luca Celli (born 1979),Italian cyclist
  • Oscar Celli Gerbasi (1946-2016),Venezuelan politician
  • Ottorino Celli (born 1980),Italian cyclist
  • Paola Celli (born 1967),Italian swimmer
  • Rita Celli (born c. 1969),Canadian radio journalist
  • Teresa Celli (born 1924),American actress
  • Vincenzo Celli (1900–1988),Italian-American ballet dancer and choreographer Surname list This page lists people with the surnameCelli . If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page,you may wish to change that link by adding the person's given name(s) to the link.

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