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Letter A Meaning Of cadence

The biggest strength for the letter A is imagination. Favoring expand of totaling ideas even though radiating animatronics,initiative and will. This is a huge sign of confidence.

Letter C Meaning Of cadence

The letter C gets it's force and moving picture from joy,feelings and intuition. Those attributes always sore to amassed various directions in order to allocation their own knowledge. Changes

Letter D Meaning Of cadence

Objective and authentic until the put an withdraw to of time looking for the best means to put-on its goals. Can handle pressure and expects the best from people stuffy by. It has a amazing proficiency to

Letter E Meaning Of cadence

Radiates joy,omnipotent humor and loud intuition. Seeks primarily within gain. Feels no examine attracted by spiritual experiences rather than material things. Strives towards a enthusiasm that is

Letter N Meaning Of cadence

A hermetic imagination coupled once the will to struggle following. Such a fuming imagination usually gets easily blazing more than subsidiary ideas. Yet it is isolated subsequent to those that character intuitive.

Burying ground:- Alt. of Burying placeGalvanize:- To restore to consciousness by galvanic action (as from a state of suspended animation);hence,to stimulate or excite to a factitious animation or activity.Despising:- of DespiseBrisk:- To make or become lively;to enliven;to animate;to take,or cause to take,an erect or bold attitude;-- usually with up.Chincherie:- Penuriousness.Heliacally:- In a heliacal manner.Hydraulicon:- An ancient musical instrument played by the action of water;a water organ.Emasculation:- The act of depriving,or state of being deprived,of vigor or strength;unmanly weakness.Confess:- To acknowledge;to admit;to concede.Blooming:- Thriving in health,beauty,and vigor;indicating the freshness and beauties of youth or health.Heliacal:- Emerging from the light of the sun,or passing into it;rising or setting at the same,or nearly the same,time as the sun.Coinhere:- To inhere or exist together,as in one substance.Bummalo:- A small marine Asiatic fish (Saurus ophidon) used in India as a relish;-- called also Bombay duck.Confessant:- One who confesses to a priest.Halve:- To join,as two pieces of timber,by cutting away each for half its thickness at the joining place,and fitting together.Accouter:- Alt. of AccoutreAversely:- Backward;in a backward direction;as,emitted aversely.Dicker:- To negotiate a dicker;to barter.Honeybee:- Any bee of the genus Apis,which lives in communities and collects honey,esp. the common domesticated hive bee (Apis mellifica),the Italian bee (A. ligustica),and the Arabiab bee (A. fasciata). The two latter are by many entomologists considered only varieties of the common hive bee. Each swarm of bees consists of a large number of workers (barren females),with,ordinarily,one queen or fertile female,but in the swarming season several young queens,and a number of males or drones,are produced.Blendwater:- A distemper incident to cattle,in which their livers are affected.

Definition of cadence The act or state of declining or sinking. A fall of the voice in reading or speaking,especially at the end of a sentence. A rhythmica

Definition of Definition of cadence word(Unique Alphabets ACDEN,Total Alphabets count 7 )

1:An imperfect or half cadence,falling on the dominant instead of on the key note.2:The act or state of declining or sinking.3:A fall of the voice in reading or speaking,especially at the end of a sentence.4:A rhythmical modulation of the voice or of any sound;as,music of bells in cadence sweet.5:Rhythmical flow of language,in prose or verse.6:See Cadency.7:Harmony and proportion in motions,as of a well-managed horse.8:A uniform time and place in marching.9:The close or fall of a strain;the point of rest,commonly reached by the immediate succession of the tonic to the dominant chord.10:A cadenza,or closing embellishment;a pause before the end of a strain,which the performer may fill with a flight of fancy.11:To regulate by musical measure.12:Alt. of Decadency

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An imperfect or half cadence,falling on the dominant instead of on the key note.



The act or state of declining or sinking.



A fall of the voice in reading or speaking,especially at the end of a sentence.



A rhythmical modulation of the voice or of any sound;as,music of bells in cadence sweet.



Rhythmical flow of language,in prose or verse.



See Cadency.



Harmony and proportion in motions,as of a well-managed horse.



A uniform time and place in marching.



The close or fall of a strain;the point of rest,commonly reached by the immediate succession of the tonic to the dominant chord.



A cadenza,or closing embellishment;a pause before the end of a strain,which the performer may fill with a flight of fancy.


v. t.

To regulate by musical measure.



Alt. of Decadency

The wordcadenceuses 7 total alphabets with white space

The wordcadenceuses 7 total alphabets with white out space

The wordcadenceuses 5 unique alphabets:ACDEN

Number of all permutationsnpr forcadence120

Number of all combinationncr forcadence120

What is the definition of cadence

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See also:Cadenceandcadencé Contents

  • 1 English
    • 1.1 Etymology
    • 1.2 Pronunciation
    • 1.3 Noun
      • 1.3.1 Synonyms
      • 1.3.2 Derived terms
      • 1.3.3 Related terms
      • 1.3.4 Translations
      • 1.3.5 See also
      • 1.4 Verb
      • 2 French
        • 2.1 Etymology
        • 2.2 Pronunciation
        • 2.3 Noun
        • 2.4 Verb
        • 2.5 Further reading English[ edit] English Wikipedia has articles on:cadence Wikipedia Etymology[ edit] Borrowed from Middle Frenchcadence,from Italiancadenza,from Latin*cadentia,form ofcadēns,form ofcadō ( “ I fall,I cease ” ),from Proto-Italic*kadō,from Proto-Indo-European*ḱad- ( “ to fall ” ) . Doublet ofcadenza andchance . Pronunciation[ edit]
          • IPA (key): /ˈkeɪ.dn̩s/ Noun[ edit] cadence (countable and uncountable,pluralcadences )
            1. The act or state of declining or sinking.
              • (Can we date this quote by John Milton and provide title,author's full name,and other details?) Now was the sun in westerncadence low.
              • Balanced,rhythmic flow.
                • 1595–1596,William Shakespeare,“Loues Labour’s Lost”,in Mr. William Shakespeares Comedies,Histories,&Tragedies:Published According to the True Originall Copies (First Folio),London:Printed by Isaac Iaggard,and Ed[ward] Blount,published 1623,OCLC 606515358,[Act IV,scene ii]:You find not the apostrophas,and so miss the accent:
                  let me supervise the canzonet. Here are only numbers ratified;
                  but,for the elegancy,facility,and goldencadence of poesy,
                • 1991 December 2,“At the Saudi-Kuwaiti Border”,in ABC Nightline:Night has now passed in the Saudi desert and as we hear from Nightline correspondent Forrest Sawyer,the normalcadence of life at the front is about to change.
                • The measure or beat of movement.
                  • 1993,Ken Schultz,“Terror of the deep”,in Field and Stream,volume 98,number 5,page 102:Getting into a good jigging rhythm means making short quick jerks in a regularcadence that might average about one jerk every 1.5 to 2 seconds.
                  • The general inflection or modulation of the voice,or of any sound.
                    • (Can we date this quote by John Milton and provide title,author's full name,and other details?) Blustering winds,which all night long/ Had roused the sea,now with hoarsecadence lull/ Seafaring men o'erwatched.
                    • (Can we date this quote by Sir Walter Scott and provide title,author's full name,and other details?) The accents [ …] were in passion's tenderestcadence .
                    • 1986,John le Carré,A Perfect Spy:Then away at last they sped to the house or bedside of some elderly and worthy person,and Pym sat fascinated to see how swiftly Rick trimmed his manner to suit theirs,how naturally he slipped into thecadences and vernacular that put them most at ease,and how the love of God came into his good face when he talked about Liberalism and Masonry and his dear dead father,God rest him,and a firstclass rate of return,ten percent guaranteed plus profits for as long as you're spared.
                    • 1991 December 30,David Holmstrom,“Raimey:A Breath of Fresh Ayah”,in Christian Science Monitor:Thecadence of Raimey's voice is pure Down-Easter Maine
                    • ( music ) A progression of at least two chords which conclude a piece of music,section or musical phrases within it. Sometimes referred to analogously as musical punctuation.
                    • ( music ) A cadenza,or closing embellishment;a pause before the end of a strain,which the performer may fill with a flight of fancy.
                    • ( speech ) A fall in inflection of a speaker’s voice,such as at the end of a sentence.
                    • ( dance ) A dance move which ends a phrase.Thecadence in a galliard step refers to the final leap in a cinquepace sequence.
                    • ( fencing ) The rhythm and sequence of a series of actions.
                    • ( running ) The number of steps per minute.
                    • ( cycling ) The number of revolutions per minute of the cranks or pedals of a bicycle.
                    • ( military ) A chant that is sung by military personnel while running or marching;a jody call.
                    • ( heraldry ) cadency
                    • ( horse-riding ) Harmony and proportion of movement,as in a well-managed horse. Synonyms[ edit]
                      • ( musical conclusion ):clausula Derived terms[ edit] Derived terms
                        • Andalusian cadence
                        • cadence-lypso
                        • drum cadence
                        • Corelli cadence
                        • English cadence
                        • imperfect authentic cadence
                        • imperfect cadence/ half cadence/ open cadence
                          • interrupted cadence/ deceptive cadence/ surpise cadence
                          • Landini cadence/ under-third cadence
                          • perfect cadence/ authentic cadence/ closed cadence/ standard cadence
                          • perfect authentic cadence
                          • Phrygian cadence/ Phrygian half cadence
                          • plagal cadence/ amen cadence
                          • ring cadence Related terms[ edit]
                            • cadaver Translations[ edit] balanced,rhythmic flow
                              • Afrikaans:toonval
                              • Catalan:cadència (ca) 
                              • Dutch:cadans (nl) 
                              • Finnish:rytmi (fi)
                              • Galician:cadencia 
                                • Italian:cadenza (it) ,ritmo (it) ,passo (it) ,andamento (it) 
                                • Maori:ia
                                • Romanian:cadență (ro),ritm (ro)
                                • Spanish:cadencia (es)
                                • Swedish:rytm (sv) measure or beat of movement
                                  • Bulgarian:такт (bg) ( takt )
                                  • Finnish:tahti (fi)
                                  • Italian:cadenza (it) ,intervallo (it) 
                                  • Maori:ia
                                    • Romanian:tact (ro)
                                    • Swedish:takt (sv) modulation of the voice
                                      • Bulgarian:модулация ( modulacija )
                                      • Danish:tonegang 
                                      • Dutch:cadans (nl) 
                                      • Finnish:sointi (fi)
                                        • Swedish:röstsänkning music:chord progression
                                          • Czech:závěr (cs) ,kadence 
                                          • Finnish:kadenssi (fi),lopuke
                                          • German:Rhythmus (de) ,Kadenz (de) 
                                          • Maori:tatūnga,rauoro pārīrā
                                          • Polish:kadencja (pl) 
                                          • Romanian:cadență (ro)
                                            • Russian:каденция (ru) ( kadencija )
                                            • Scottish Gaelic:dùnadh 
                                            • Swedish:kadens (sv)
                                            • Tagalog:ragsak fall in inflection
                                              • German:Tonfall (de) 
                                              • Maori:tatūnga
                                                • Russian:пониже́ние (ru) ( ponižénije ) dance move
                                                  • Finnish:kadenssi (fi)
                                                    • German:Gleichschritt (de) fencing:series of actions’ rhythm and sequence
                                                      • Finnish:rytmi (fi)
                                                        • German:Rhythmus (de) № of steps per minute
                                                          • Danish:rytme (da) 
                                                          • Finnish:tahti (fi),rytmi (fi)
                                                            • German:Kadenz (de) cycling:№ of revolutions per minute
                                                              • Danish:rytme (da) 
                                                              • Dutch:cadans (nl) 
                                                              • Finnish:kadenssi (fi)
                                                              • German:Rhythmus (de) ,Pedaltakt ,Trittfrequenz 
                                                              • Norwegian:Bokmål:pedaltakt or,tråkkfrekvens Nynorsk:pedaltakt or,trakkfrekvens ,tråkkfrekvens 
                                                              • Portuguese:pedalagem
                                                                • Romanian:ritm (ro)
                                                                • Russian:каденс ( kadens ),частота́ (ru) ( častotá ) педалирования (ru) ( pedalirovanija ) sung chant
                                                                  • Danish:kadence 
                                                                  • Finnish:marssilaulu
                                                                    • German:Kadenz (de) The translations below need to be checked and inserted above into the appropriate translation tables,removing any numbers. Numbers do not necessarily match those in definitions. See instructions at Wiktionary:Entry #Translations. Translations to be checked
                                                                      • French:(please verify) cadence (fr)
                                                                      • Slovene:(please verify) kadenca 
                                                                        • Spanish:(please verify) cadencia (es) See also[ edit]
                                                                          • Tierce de Picardie Verb[ edit] cadence (third-person singular simple presentcadences,present participlecadencing,simple past and past participlecadenced )
                                                                            1. To give a cadence to.
                                                                              • 1897,Don Carlos Buell,“Why the Confederacy Failed”,in The Century,volume 53:there was besides,in an already dominating and growing element,a motive that was stronger and more enduring than enthusiasm —an implacable antagonism which acted side by side with the cause of the Union as a perpetual impelling force against the social conditions of the South,controlling the counsels of the government,andcadencing the march of its armies to the chorus:
                                                                                  John Brown's body lies mouldering in the grave,
                                                                                  But his soul is marching on!
                                                                              • 1910,Publication:Illinois State Historical Society,Illinois State Historical Library,number 14,page 182:In this march to theCity of the Dead,'" scores upon scores of the best musical organizations of the nation were in line,whose funeral dirgescadenced the great wail of a bereft people.
                                                                              • 1990,Lewis Lockwood;Edward H. Roesner,(Please provide the book title or journal name),page 120:Example 10a gives a melody for one endecasyllabic line of verse;there are various ways of utilizing it,including Rore's choice ofcadencing the first line on the third scale degree,for a two-line segment of an ottava stanza.
                                                                              • To give structure to.
                                                                                • 1966,Joseph Leon Blau,Modern varieties of Judaism,page 158:It was the Exile,however,whichcadenced the rhythm of Jewish existence
                                                                                • 2000,David C. Hammack,Making the Nonprofit Sector in the United States,page 256:They are neither mentioned specifically in the Constitution,nor in the Federalist Papers thatcadenced the nationalist debates.
                                                                                • 2004,Andrew Ayers,The architecture of Paris:an architectural guide,page 38:... an idea taken up by Percier and Fontaine,who also supplied the Corinthian order and transverse arcadescadencing the gallery's length today French[ edit] Etymology[ edit] From Middle Frenchcadence,borrowed from Italiancadenza . Doublet ofchance . Pronunciation[ edit]
                                                                                  • IPA (key): /ka.dɑ̃s/ Noun[ edit] cadence (pluralcadences )
                                                                                    1. cadence Verb[ edit] cadence
                                                                                      1. first-person singular present indicative ofcadencer
                                                                                      2. third-person singular present indicative ofcadencer
                                                                                      3. first-person singular present subjunctive ofcadencer
                                                                                      4. third-person singular present subjunctive ofcadencer
                                                                                      5. second-person singular imperative ofcadencer Further reading[ edit]
                                                                                        • “cadence” in le Trésor de la langue française informatisé (The Digitized Treasury of the French Language ).

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For other uses,see Cadence (disambiguation). Perfect authentic cadence (V–I with roots in the bass parts and tonic in the highest voice of the final chord):ii–V–I progression in C major,four-part harmony (Benward&Saker 2003,p. 90). In Western musical theory,acadence (Latincadentia,"a falling") is "a melodic or harmonic configuration that creates a sense of resolution[finality or pause]."[1]A harmonic cadence is a progression of (at least) two chords that concludes a phrase,section,or piece of music.[2]A rhythmic cadence is a characteristic rhythmic pattern that indicates the end of a phrase.[3]A cadence is labeled more or less "weak" or "strong" depending on its sense of finality. While cadences are usually classified by specific chord or melodic progressions,the use of such progressions does not necessarily constitute a cadence—there must be a sense of closure,as at the end of a phrase. Harmonic rhythm plays an important part in determining where a cadence occurs. Cadences are strong indicators of the tonic or central pitch of a passage or piece.[1]Edward Lowinsky proposed that the cadence was the "cradle of tonality".[4]

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