Gimbal: - Alt. of Gimbals Heteropathic: - Of or pertaining to the method of heteropathy; allopathic. Church: - A formally organized body of Christian believers worshiping together. Hinge: - To bend. All hail: - All health; -- a phrase of salutation or welcome. Double: - To be increased to twice the sum, number, quantity, length, or value; to increase or grow to twice as much. Denude: - To divest of all covering; to make bare or naked; to strip; to divest; as, to denude one of clothing, or lands. Cicuration: - The act of taming. Heteropelmous: - Having each of the two flexor tendons of the toes bifid, the branches of one going to the first and second toes; those of the other, to the third and fourth toes. See Illust. in Append. Dehonestate: - To disparage. Gonidial: - Pertaining to, or containing, gonidia. Drawboy: - A boy who operates the harness cords of a hand loom; also, a part of power loom that performs the same office. Affiliate: - To attach (to) or unite (with); to receive into a society as a member, and initiate into its mysteries, plans, etc.; -- followed by to or with. Broche: - Woven with a figure; as, broche goods. Gonidial: - Of or pertaining to the angles of the mouth; as, a gonidial groove of an actinian. Antagonize: - To contend with; to oppose actively; to counteract. Blae: - Dark blue or bluish gray; lead-colored. Aden-: - Alt. of Adeno- Drip: - That part of a cornice, sill course, or other horizontal member, which projects beyond the rest, and is of such section as to throw off the rain water. Hiss: - A prolonged sound like that letter s, made by forcing out the breath between the tongue and teeth, esp. as a token of disapprobation or contempt. Excito-secretory: - Exciting secretion; -- said of the influence exerted by reflex action on the function of secretion, by which the various glands are excited to action. Ergotized: - Affected with the ergot fungus; as, ergotized rye. Dictation: - The speaking to, or the giving orders to, in an overbearing manner; authoritative utterance; as, his habit, even with friends, was that of dictation. Curvet: - To make a curvet; to leap; to bound. Comedy: - A dramatic composition, or representation of a bright and amusing character, based upon the foibles of individuals, the manners of society, or the ludicrous events or accidents of life; a play in which mirth predominates and the termination of the plot is happy; -- opposed to tragedy. Drudgingly: - In a drudging manner; laboriously. Bertha: - A kind of collar or cape worn by ladies. Anagrammatism: - The act or practice of making anagrams. Dismember: - To deprive of membership. Earsh: - See Arrish. Caltrap: - An instrument with four iron points, so disposed that, any three of them being on the ground, the other projects upward. They are scattered on the ground where an enemy's cavalry are to pass, to impede their progress by endangering the horses' feet. Arenation: - A sand bath; application of hot sand to the body. Discontinuation: - Breach or interruption of continuity; separation of parts in a connected series; discontinuance. Anorexia: - Alt. of Anorexy Covenanting: - of Covenant Dictatorian: - Dictatorial. Academicals: - The articles of dress prescribed and worn at some colleges and universities. Hogringer: - One who puts rings into the snouts of hogs. Fifty: - Five times ten; as, fifty men. Affirmation: - That which is asserted; an assertion; a positive statement; an averment; as, an affirmation, by the vender, of title to property sold, or of its quality.

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Combinations and Permutations

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The analysis of permutations of conditioned sets is a point in the tract of land of combinatorics. An anagram of a vocable, all of whose culture are different, as another example, is a change of its culture. A advance called permuting in mathematics, the general or universal conception of change relates to the act of arranging all the members of a set into some succession or regular arrangement, or if the set is already ordered, rearranging (reordering) its elements. 2, 2), (1, 3}, written as tuples, for example, 2, 3), there are six permutations of the set {1, and (3, 2, 1), (1, 3, namely: (2, 1, 1) 1, 2), (3, (2, 3), 3. These are all the possible orderings of this three simple body set. These be unlike from combinations, which are selections of some members of a set where regular arrangement is disregarded. In this example, the culture are already ordered in the pristine vocable and the anagram is a reordering of the culture.

Flooring Correspond Hore Embryonal Depthless Discifloral Catafalco Galvanography Anatron Cannonade Gothamist Generalship Caterwauled Hayloft Ganoid Honor Classical Discommodity Alkalamide Classical

Crossword puzzle games

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Contrecoup Fraxinus Cud Dispose Ground Gossip Beveled Cot Disavowal Entomological Armory Anthropolite Diabolism Bike Hoard Gnide Haystack Excamb Confute Conservator


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